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PUMP HOUSE is an emergent press dedicated to generating affordable, quality hand-assembled sleaze through collaborative print processes.


 I don't know what the fuck i'm doing but i want to do it well. 


  • PH does not believe in censorship. I assume that most everything we publish will be objectionable to someone, and I dig that.

  • PH endeavors to realize a sustainable, in-house print model. I don't want piles of prints sitting around without a home.

  • PH believes that the constraints of a DIY approach to print also open up infinite possibilities for formal play and the generation of unique interactive print-objects. Because we do everything in house, by-hand, and at a modest scale we can create publications that would be cost-prohibitive or impossible to outsource.

  • PH is working to expand our options for printing. In the meantime, if I can't do it, I seek out local collaborators who can.


  • PH will never charge reading fees.

  • PH operates with no budget and the frequency of publications reflects this. Better a few thoughtful, well-made editions than a bunch of horse shit.

  • PH covers all production costs for the run to ensure minimal barriers to publishing.
    PH takes a 25% cut of sales to cover cost. 

    In addition, PH keeps one copy of each publication produced for archival purposes, counted against production costs.
    Once costs are covered, PH commits the 25% cut to community mutual aid and other efforts. 
    I think it's kinda fucked that authors have to pay to buy their own books.  Artists receive 10% of the run to keep or distribute as they see fit and can acquire additional copies at cost of shipping. 

  • PH wants to prioritize paying artists. At this time I am not able to offer artist fees or advances on all projects. I hope paid opportunities will become feasible in the near future, funded by in house publication sales and wage labor.

This document is evolving as we grow. Questions can be directed to pumphousepublishing[at]gmail[dot]com

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